2018 OneLove JamFest Raises $33,000

Landon Korabek OneLove JamFest is very excited to announce that we raised over $33,000 at this year’s event on May 12.  In eight years, we have raised over $209,000! Our OneLove Hearts are beaming with gratitude to everyone that came out to support our cause.   Proceeds will be donated to NOPE Pinellas (Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education) and Clearwater Jazz Holiday Outreach Program for music. Thank you to all the business donors and sponsors. Thanks again to everyone that participated in the event. We are blessed to part of a wonderful community both local and afar and OneLove JamFest is very grateful.  Landon, we will never forget you and you’ve given us the strength to make a difference. OneLove. 

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