Our Mission

We raise awareness about prescription drug abuse and we support youth music education in our community

Landon Korabek loved music and playing guitar

Landon Korabek loved music and playing guitar

Landon's Legacy

The Landon Korabek Foundation was established to remember Landon who died unexpectedly at the age of 17 in 2010.  His unfortunate death was caused by a prescription drug overdose by combining Vicodin and Xanax. 

Landon was our son and a student at Palm Harbor University High School. He was a talented athlete, a bright student, and an extraordinary guitarist. He was full of life and love. His future was bright with possibilities. Sadly, there is no future now for Landon.

Landon was not an addict, he was a teenager. Like so many others, he did not understand just how lethal prescription drugs can be. That message needs to be spread.

Family and friends established the Landon Korabek Foundation and OneLove JamFest to celebrate Landon’s life and shine a light on the prescription drug abuse epidemic. While obviously bittersweet for us, the OneLove JamFest event gives us the opportunity to turn a tragedy into a force for good. 



Making a Difference

Our proceeds support two outstanding organizations

Thanks to our generous supporters, the Landon Korabek Foundation is able to provide financial support to two organizations who make a difference in the lives of kids and families in our community. 


Narcotics Overdose Prevention and Education (NOPE) Pinellas County - 501(c)3


NOPE’s mission is to diminish the frequency and impact of overdose death through community education, family support and purposeful advocacy. We chose the NOPE Pinellas Task Force for obvious reasons—they take the message regarding the dangers of prescription drugs into schools to students, parents, and teachers. The cornerstone of the NOPE mission is the high-impact, multimedia presentation that is delivered to middle and high school students.

Proceeds from the JamFest support NOPE’s goal of prescription drug abuse education and awareness. The money supports school presentations, creates student and parent brochures and benefits the annual candlelight vigil. Our donations have also enabled NOPE to achieve their goal of creating college scholarships for Pinellas County students who have actively participated in programs that raise awareness and promote abstinence from drugs and alcohol. 

 In total, OneLove JamFest has raised over $123,000 for NOPE.


Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts at Ruth Eckerd Hall - 501(c)3

2016 Scholarship 

2016 Scholarship 

2015 Scholarship 

2015 Scholarship 

From 2011 - 2017,  we donated a portion of OneLove JamFest's proceeds to the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts in memory of Landon Korabek.  We chose the school to honor Landon’s love of music, ensuring that Landon’s song will live on to be sung by others. 

Our donation provides education and training for aspiring musicians. Specifically, we fund a scholarship in Landon’s name that provides one year of private music lessons for deserving students at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Funding in 2013 was also used for three music scholarships to a summer music camp in Washington D.C. where students had the opportunity to play for First Lady Michelle Obama.

In total, we've presented $51,000 to the Hoffman Institute for music scholarships.